Making an appointment at the clinic by International Rehabilitation Specialists is the fastest way to start finding a healthier you.

We work with major International Health and Accident Insurances offering Direct Billing but also Memberships and Programs so everyone can reach out for our services without compromising your finances.

To make your experience with us more personalized and trouble free, please follow our simple three step process that has allowed many of our clients and patients to find a way to achieve their medical and wellness goals.

English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Chinese – speaking clinicians are available and more to come.

Step 1

Make your first appointment

In order to make your First Appointment, please choose ONE of the following options:




1. Call us at (+8621) 336.888.01 or scan our concierge team QR code:

2. Our front desk officer will take your: name, surname, appointment date, time and mobile phone number. We will need to gather some other information regarding your chief complain/pain/ problem and your insurance carrier so as to request any needed guarantee of payment. That means that you would let us know your insurance client ID at your medical insurance group and we will be able to know if your visits will be covered. For some insurances, a referral letter from a doctor will be needed and coverage to our services might be limited based on your plan.




You can send us a message through the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT option in the HOMEPAGE or send us an email to including the following information:

1. Name and Surname (roman alphabet, pinyin or romanji)
2. Phone Number and e-mail address
3. Preferred physician, clinician or wellness professional name or if you don t́ know, just state your problem and we will refer you to the right professional
4. Date and time preferred
5. Visit reason (chief complaint/pain/problem).
6. Insurance Carrier and your client ID. We will try to verify your plan and see if your session will be covered.

Note: On-line appointment requests have to be re-confirmed with you via email and a confirmation email will have to be sent back to you in order to make them valid. Availability will depend on the time requested.

Please read 2. WHAT TO BRING to make sure you bring everything you need so we can offer you a better and faster service.

Step 2

What to bring

If it is the first time that you visit us or you are coming back because of a new problem, please make sure that you have already made an appointment.Once you have made an appointment with us AND you have received a confirmation email, please start gathering all the following things and bring it with you on the date of the appointment:

A. Passport or ID card (original and valid for at least 3 months).

B. Insurance Card if you are covered by your insurance. We will need to contact your insurance on the spot to make sure the services provided will be covered by them.

C. Doctor’s Referral Note to commence physical therapy, rehabilitation or acupuncture services (from other hospitals or clinics within our referral network) if your insurance carrier requests a referral letter. The referral letter can be from a General practitioner, Family Medicine Doctor, Orthopedic Specialist or Surgeon.

D. If you don’t have a referral letter and your insurance carrier requires it to qualify for your medical services coverage, we will assign you one of our inhouse or consulting physicians on your first consultation to evaluate your condition and determine wether you are eligible for our clinical services (physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, TCM…).

E. X-Rays, MRIs, CT-Scans or other diagnostic test with their reports if available.

F. the clinic ’s Forms completed and signed (if you don’t bring them with you filled in and signed, you can arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than your first appointment to fill them in at the clinic:
– Patient Information Form + Financial Policy
– Medical History Form + Consent Signature Form
– Nutrition Evaluation Form (if your are having your first consultation with our nutritionist).

G. Credit Card /Debit Card if you wish to pay by card or cash if you need to pay by yourself or your insurance does not have direct billing with us.

H. Dress Comfortably:

– Lower Extremity Conditions: Shorts or loose pants
– Upper Extremity Conditions: T-Shirt, tank top or loose shirt
– Trainers or exercise shoes, if your appointment is with a Physical Therapist or a Personal Trainer.
– Your preferred comfortable sports clothes if attending any yoga, Pilates or maternity class.

* Secured Lockers but limited showers are available at our facilities.

If you have already gathered all you need except the clinic forms, please go to . FORMS/PAPERWORK

Step 3

Forms & Paperwork

These forms are necessary and mandatory in order for us to be able to offer you the most professional, comprehensive and personalized medical and wellness services.

Please download the forms in the editable PDF format from the links below. You can fill them in directly in the PDF (signatue space can be replaced by your initials), save them and send to us OR you can print them, fill them in with a legible hand writing and bring them to your first appointment.

Make sure that all the information you provide us is true and accurate. If the patient is under 18 years old, a parent or guardian will need to be present at least on the first session day to sign the forms and complete the documentation.

Once you give the front desk officer all the necessary information, you will be asked to choose a payment option from within the numerous options. If you arrive to the clinic without any of your paperwork done, you will be prompted to fill in the forms prior to be able to receive any medical or wellness service. Count with good 15 minutes for the completion of the forms and possible insurance paperwork.

The documents to be downloaded on the links below are:

– NUTRITION EVALUATION, if you are coming for a Nutrition Consultation.

Have a Medical Insurance?

the clinic offers Direct Billing and GOP based services for your convenience through insurance companies that we have established such relationships with. However, all account balances due to the clinic always remain the responsibility of you, the patient, and not that of your insurance company.

Please understand that all Direct Billing services are purely a service that we will be glad to offer on behalf of our patients, but that your insurance policy is a contract solely between you and your insurance company. In the event we accept Direct Billing assignment of insurance benefits for payment in the future, we wish to advise that if your insurance company has not paid your account balance in full within a reasonable time period, we will require you to settle the balance directly. Should you have specific disagreements or wish to appeal payments or nonpayments made by the insurance company to the clinic on your behalf, we ask that you appeal directly to your insurance provider.

As long as your insurance covers you for any of our services, you will need a referral letter from any doctor so as for your coverage to be effective. You might need to pay in advance but you will be able to claim it to your insurance afterwards.

Please be aware that some or perhaps all of the services rendered might not be covered under your medical insurance plan. Therefore, we recommend you carefully read your policy plan and confirm coverage before commencing any treatment. Please review the explanation of your benefits from your insurance provider and agents, or check your claim status through your provider’s website.

No Insurance?

At the clinic, we really care about those who are unable to afford our concierge services because the lack of insurance coverage or simply because they are unable to meet our premium clinical fees.

In order to be able to provide our services to those who need it the most, we have occasional and specific sponsorship and programs for all our different departments and also different kinds of memberships that would suit your medical or wellness needs.

Please let us know if you need any assistance with this and our front desk officers will be able to explain to you our packages, sponsorship and membership plans more in detail.

Patients Rights & Responsibilities



• The right to be treated with respect
• The right to informed consent
• The right to make a treatment choice
• The right to refuse treatment
• The right to obtain your medical records
• The right to privacy of your medical records




• Maintaining healthy habits compatible with your treatment plans and wellness programs
• Being respectful to providers, other patients and the clinic staff
• Being honest with providers and provide them with real and accurate information
• Complying with treatment plans
• Preparing for emergencies
• Reading behind the headlines
• Making decisions responsibly
• Understanding prescription drugs and treatments and their possible side effects
• Meeting financial obligations

Late Cancelation / No Show Policy
Should a patient wish to cancel their appointment, the clinic requests 24 hours notice be given. Each time a patient misses an appointment without providing proper notice, another patient is prevented from receiving care. Therefore, the clinic reserves the right to charge a fee of 200RMB for every “no show ”and appointments which, absent a compelling reason, are not cancelled with a 24-hour advance notice (SMS, WeChat Message, Email, call). Upon a patient missing an appointment for the third (3rd) consecutive time after initial confirmation, the clinic might request that patients pay a fee of RMB500 to allow for further scheduling. Notice that these fees are not covered by any insurance.

The entitlement of patients’ rights is accompanied by patients’ responsibilities too. In order to get the best care, and benefit from our most successful medical outcomes, we must adhere to these responsibilities.