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  • 300 Spartan HIIT
  • Olympians HIT


the clinic PRO SERIES goes beyond sports performance, fitness or traditional health care. We offer total support to elite athletes and those who want to build their best self through an evidence based system that measures results above all the same way professional athletes do.

the clinic PRO SERIES not only develops personalized programs for athletes at any point in their lives and career, from college tryouts to professional championships to retirement. But also, helps regular individuals to achieve their maximum potential while developing a sense of athletic discipline. We believe that performing at your best begins by finding your personal underlying motivators, help you set a direction and then create a comprehensive plan to assist you in achieving those goals.

Our system is based on building up progressively the 4 pillars of human performance: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery with the help of our strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, sports scientists and sports physical therapists allowing you and your team to achieve peak performance at all times.

Athletic Training | Sport Performance

The physical, mental, and emotional development associated with athletic endeavors can play a great dividend in our lives. Whether it is a team sport demanding the combined effort of various personalities and skills sets or the mental toughness required of individual competition, character and athletic development always benefits those who are willing to go the extra mile.

Our Sports Performance Programs are second to none, supporting everyone with the same system that has helped many Olympic and professional athletes achieve success through our scientific approach, discipline and lifestyle definition.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is different for every athlete and every sport but the basic principles are uniform. Regardless of your sport or activity, going into it well nourished and hydrated will give you an edge over the person who is not.

Learn how to fuel before, during, and after you exercise so that you can perform to your maximum potential.

Whether you compete in team sports, endurance events, or just enjoy working out, you’ve got to take care of your body on the inside so you can perform better on the outside.

Injury Prevention Programs For Sports

While the clinic’s Sports Medicine team is experienced in treating sports injuries, prevention is always a better course. By preventing injuries, we can help athletes stay in the game and continue training, playing and achieving. Unfortunately, on the flip side of many athletic endeavors is the risk of injury, which can bring long-term consequences. Therefore, balancing the benefits and risks is often the best course to making reasonable decisions about athletic participation.

Our Injury Prevention Programs aim to define the particular weaknesses of each individual and the physical needs for each particular sport so as to define a training routine that will help reduce or stop sports injuries at the core.

Return to Sports Conditioning

One of the greatest risks in injury prevention is returning to a sport too soon after being injured. It is important not to push yourself to play through pain or without having had a complete training program to return to your desired sports.

Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to clear an athlete for a safe return to the game or activity by designing and implementing programs that will help you return to sports in a safer and more athletic condition either you are coming from the last stages of an injury or surgery rehabilitation or you haven’t been actively or specifically training for the sports you want to participate in.

Running & Gait Analysis

When we conduct a Gait Analysis, your feet are only one small piece of your biomechanical puzzle. What happens to your feet is merely part of a holistic, whole body, integrated movement pattern.

Our Gait Analysis is performed by a licensed physical therapist and includes detailed examination of not only the foot and ankle, but hips, back and upper body, as well. Breakdown of gait can result from weakness anywhere in the body, so simply looking at the foot and ankle does not give a complete picture. Our analysis also includes a physical assessment so that you know how to improve your form and perform exercises for best results.

When an athlete is analyzed statically, dynamically, and then running on the treadmill during a gait analysis, it serves to provide a unique, personal movement “map.” That “map” reveals the programming of everything happening within your body—from kinesthetic awareness and habit, to individual levels of mobility, stability, flexibility, and functional strength. The analysis of all these different elements taken together is what creates a complete picture of a person’s gait. In essence, it is far more than just gait analysis. It is true “movement” analysis.

Fitness Testing & Evaluations

Performance & Fitness Tests / Evaluations, involve a series of measurements that help determine the health status and physical fitness of an individual. There are an endless number of possible tests and measurements that trainers and coaches can use to measure your baseline fitness level. Depending on what your health and fitness  goals are there are plenty of specific tests you can use to measure the effectiveness of your current workout routine.

Why Have a Fitness Test?
– assess your current fitness level
– help identify fitness goals, interests and motivation for exercising
– determine any current health conditions, risks or limitations
– identify appropriate training options
– track your progress and evaluate program success
– to create a one-on-one relationship and establish appropriate expectations for both the client and the fitness trainer.

Pre Season / Competition Assessment

The importance of the Pre Season/ Competition Assessment of sports candidates is highlighted because it constitutes one of the few occasions in which the physician/clinician can actively prevent sports injuries from occurring.

Essentials of any evaluation are musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and psychological examinations.Examinations should have clearly defined objectives, and factors determining the type of evaluation include: prospective athlete; contemplated exercise programme; and motivation.

It is important that examinations take place before the commencement of a sports season so previous injuries and problems can be dealt with; timing is vital.


Medium – Advanced
Medium – High
No injuries allowed and medical clearance is needed upon participation

the CORE LAB by the clinic’s PRO SERIES is certainly not your average cardio or core class. We have designed a highly effective, intelligent workout comprised of all the critical elements of the most effective workouts for your core – pilates principles and metabolic conditioning combined into one 45 minute pure core and cardio workout in high intensity intervals.

the CORE LAB class is an all encompassing, versatile, workout that improves core strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. The unpredictable nature of the regiment keeps each class challenging, fresh and effective for both body and mind. Variety is the spice of life and keeping your body guessing is the key to changing it. Emphasis is on alignment and form, breathing and developing a strong Powerhouse (core).

Contraindications: bleeding or spotting, low placenta, threatened or recurrent miscarriage, previous premature births or history of early labor, weak cervix, heart disease, asthma or diabetes. Consult with your doctor first for a clearance to exercise.

the PRE LAB (Pre/Post Natal Fitness)

Beginner – Medium
Low – Medium
No injuries allowed and medical clearance is needed upon participation

Is it OK to work my abs? Do I have to quit running? Should I keep my heart rate low?—myths and misconceptions that hold women back persist. Maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel your best. Regular exercise during pregnancy can improve your posture and decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue.

There is evidence that physical activity may prevent gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy), relieve stress, and build more stamina needed for labor and delivery.
With this fitness class, you will give your body the activity you need to deliver in a healthier, more informed way with the support of our medical and midwifery team.

300 Spartan HIIT

Medium – Advanced
Medium – High
No injuries allowed

This is the clinic’s constantly updated HIIT workout based on the cast of the movie 300, created by fitness trainer Mark Twight. It is an intense training system and is not meant to be performed every day.

The 300 Spartan workout is best approached like a full body training system, using it 3 times per week on alternating days.
This is an intense workout system and should not be attempted by beginners. Make sure you take time to learn proper low back bracing form and build up your overall conditioning before attempting the 300 Spartan workout. Jumping into any intense workout system without a solid level of conditioning and exercise form puts you at risk for injury.

Olympians HIT

Advanced – Pro
Very High
No injuries allowed

The Olympians HIT class is a training continuation of the 300 Spartan HIIT class and the preparation for The Colosseum challenge.

This signature class has been crafted to take the next step on the athletes pyramid for performance training focusing mainly on strength gain and power. Classes will include common NFL and Navy Seal training exercises to bring the best out of you in a safer and efficient way… but not for the faint of heart.

An optimum level of fitness and functionality is a must to be able to attend this class. For entry level participants, we highly recommend to start your practice with the 300 Spartan HIIT and make your way up to this class.

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