Our medical & clinical team

We are leaders in the fields of Integrative Medicine, Sports Medicine, Spine Conditions, Physical Therapy and Functional Rehabilitation. We understand not just the importance of treating injuries when they happen but how preventing injuries and promoting health play a fundamental role in your recovery.

Dr. Bruce(CN)

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine,


  • – MD. & Dr. of TCM, Shanghai Towa Clinic Center (Shanghai, China)
  • – Dr. of TCM, Richmond Medical Center (Vancouver, Canada)
  • – MD. & Dr. of TCM, Shanghai TengHe Clinic Center (Shanghai, China)
  • – MD. & Dr. of TCM, Parkway Health Center (Shanghai, China)
  • – MD. & Dr. of TCM, Shanghai Global Health Care Clinic Center (Shanghai, China)
  • – M.D. & Dr. of TCM, Visiting Scholar and Clinical Observer – Medicine Faculty, University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada
  • – Director of Center of International Health, U. of T. (Cambodia)
  • – Neurologist, Shanghai Yue-yang Integrated Medicine Hospital – Teaching Hospital of Shanghai University of TCM (Shanghai, China)


  • – Sports injury and pain management (neck pain, thoracic pain, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, muscle strain and pain, etc.)
  • – Metabolic disorders (high blood sugar, blood fat level and high urine acid level…)
  • – Hormonal disorders (menopause syndromes, hot flushes…)
  • – Weight management (integrative approach with our nutritionists)
  • – Stress management, addiction and smoke cessation (integrative work with psychologists)
  • – Neurological disorders (headache, vertigo, facial paralysis or sequela of stroke…)
  • – Chronic fatigue, chronic diseases


  • – Ph.D. of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , China
  • – MD. Physician of Integrated Medicine, licensed in Shanghai, China
  • – Dr. of T.C.M. (acupuncturist, herbalist and Chinese medical massage and chiropractic therapist), Shanghai, China
  • – Acupuncturist, Herbalist (Licensed in Vancouver, Canada)


Chief Physical Therapist
Founder & Managing Partner

Orthopedic Sports Medicine,
Traumatology & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


  • – Consulting Physical Therapist at Shanghai United Family Hospitals (Shanghai, China)
  • – Chief Physical Therapist and Vice Manager at SinoUnited Health (Shanghai, China)
  • – Physical Therapist & University Clinical Trainer at Centre De Reeducation Functionelle La Muse (Normandy, France)
  • – Chief Physical Therapist at Instituto de Medicina Biológica (Vigo, Spain)
  • – Physical Therapist for Shanghai International Consular Members,Olympic Athletes and Federations, Professional Ladies Golf Association (LPGA), Shanghai Rugby 7s, ADIDAS Rockstars, International Federation of Sports Climbing, North Face Climbing Athletes, Chinese Mountaineering Association, Shanghai Rolex Masters Tennis, Shanghai Challengers, Cirque Du Soleil…


  • – Post degree Subspecialty in Sports Medicine & Gymnastics – Harvard University (Boston, USA 2019)
  • – Yoga Alliance Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher
  • – Post degree in Acupuncture – Shanghai International TCM University (Shanghai, China)
  • – Post degree in Structural Osteopathy – University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain)
  • – Master in Orthopedic Manual Therapy – University of La Coruña, (La Coruña, Spain)
  • – Bachelors in Physical Therapy – University of Vigo (Vigo, Spain)


Chief Osteopath
Partner & Clinic Manager

Sports Injuries,
Spine Conditions,
Neonatal & Infant Osteopathy


  • – Senior Osteopath at Klinoerth (Shanghai, China)
  • – Consulting Sports Therapist and Osteopath at American Medical Center (Shanghai, China)
  • – Lead Osteopath at Natura Therapy clinic (Shanghai, China)
  • – Consulting Osteopath and Sports Therapist at SinoUnited Health (Shanghai, China)
  • – Lead Osteopath at Centro Naturista Albacete (Albacete, Spain)
  • – Lead Sports Therapists for the Rolex Shanghai Master Tennis and Shanghai Challengers, Porsche F1 pilots, ATP, PGA, Italy Olympic VolleyBall Bronze Medallist, Cirque Du Soleil…


  • – Diploma in Osteopathy – Centro de Naturopatía Albacete (Albacete, Spain)
  • – Diploma in Chiropraxis, Global Postural Reeducation & Shiatsu Massage – Centro de Naturopatía Albacete (Albacete, Spain)


Senior Sports Physical Therapist
Partner & Chief Medical Officer

Sports Injuries,
Post- Surgical Rehabilitation,
Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Specialist


  • – Senior Sports Physical Therapist at SinoUnited Health (Shanghai, China)
  • – Consulting Physical Therapist at American Medical Center (Shanghai, China)
  • – Chief Physical Therapist at the Sports Medicine Department of Huashan Hospital (Shanghai, China)
  • – Shanghai Rolex Masters Tennis, Physical Therapist for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (football), 2009 East Asian Games (tennis and judo),the Shanghai National Youth Tennis Team, Shanghai Grand Prix Track and Field, Shanghai F1, Tianma Golf Club, Shanghai Racquet Club, Shanghai Baseball League, WTA doubles champion, IAAF…


  • – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Certified Advanced Therapist – MLDV Belgium with Philippe de Paepe
  • – Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Certified – Heiko Van Vliet
  • – Masters courses in Sports Science and Professional Physical Diagnosis and Treatment – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
  • – Bachelors in Physical Therapy – Nanjing Medical University (Nanjing, China)

Rodrigo (PT)

Senior Physical Therapist

Sports Injuries,
Spine Conditions,
EPTE Therapy & Dry Needling,
Babies Muskuloskeletal Health


  • – Senior Independent Physical Therapist at Maison de Santé d’Ennequin (France)
  • – Physical Therapist & University clinical trainer at Hospital Center of Loos (Loos, France)
  • – Physical Therapist & University clinical trainer at Cardiology Hospital of the University of Lille, (Lille, France)
  • – Physical Therapist & University clinical trainer at Swynghedauw Hospital of the University of Lille (Lille, France)
  • – Chief Physical Therapist at Ovar Health Center – Center health administration (Portugal)
  • – Physical Therapist for the ATP Rolex Shanghai Masters,Challenger, Cirque Du Soleil


  • – Post degree in Percutaneous Electrolisys Therapy – ionclinics London (London, UK)
  • – Postdegree in KT1/KT2 – International Kinesio Taping Association
  • – Post degree in Dorn Method
  • – Post degree in Miocrochetage
  • – Post degree in Pilates for Practitioners – Rehab Matwork Level 1 – Wellwomen Clinical Physiotherapy & Pilates e Balance & Control Pilates Education (Australia)
  • – Post degree in Vertebral Manual Therapy A&B – Manual Concepts Education for Health Professionals (Australia)
  • – Post degree in Manual Trigger Point Therapy MT1 by David G. Simons Academy ™
  • – Post degree in Mulligan Concept A&B&C – The Mulligan Concept Teachers Association
  • – Bachelors in Physical Therapy – Polytechnic University of Porto (Porto, Portugal)


Sports Physical Therapist
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sports Injuries,
Spine Conditions,
McKenzie Therapy,
Sports Massage,
Strength & Conditioning


  • – Owner of Vitality Personal Training (Emmen, The Netherlands)
  • – Physical Therapist at Movital (Emmen, The Netherlands)
  • – Personal Trainer, Medical Trainer, Vitality Therapist at Flex Healthclub (Emmermeer, The Netherlands)
  • – Personal Trainer at Fitsports (Emmen, The Netherlands)
  • – 5 times Dutch Champion Pencak Silat, 1 time European Champion Pencak Silat, bronze medalist World Championship Pencak Silat, gold medalist Belgium Open, Dutch Open, Malaysian Open. Physical therapist for Dutch Pencak Silat team. Former strength and conditioning trainer of Hatice Ozyurt, world champion kickboxing. Former strength and conditioning trainer of Tessa Geerlings, world champion ATB.


  • – Advanced McKenzie Therapy Certified Therapist (Lumbar Spine & Lower Limb)
  • – Medical Taping Concept Certificate Basic Medical Taping Concept (The Netherlands)
  • – CHIVO Vitality Therapist (The Netherlands)
  • – CHIVO Rehab Trainer (The Netherlands)
  • – NASM Personal Trainer
  • – Bachelors in Physical Therapy – University of Thim van der Laan (The Netherlands)


Senior Physical Therapist

Sports Injuries,
Neck & Shoulder,
TMJ Dysfunctions


  • – Physiotherapist, medical-strength-conditioning-agility coach at the Dutch National Youth AA-Baseball team at the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (The Netherlands)
  • – Physiotherapist at CFM (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  • – Physiotherapist at Fysiotherapie Het Gooi, Bussum and Huizen (The Netherlands)
  • – Physiotherapist at Kingdom Games for the NOC-NSF National Olympic Committee-Dutch Sports Federation (The Netherlands)
  • – Physiotherapist at Centro Fysio Medico Hilversum (The Netherlands)
  • – Physiotherapist at Sports and Wellness Centre Vitenvie (Hilversum, The Netherlands)

  • – Medical Fitness Instructor at Prevention Centre FitPlan (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)
  • – Integral member of the 6-headcount coaching team responsible for winning the European Championship 5 times and coming in 8th at the World Championships twice. Kingdom Games for the NOC-NSF National Olympic Committee-Dutch Sports Federation. Responsible for the athlete’s health strength and conditioning (Aruba, Dutch Antilles). Physiotherapist, sports masseur at Hellas Athletics training camp – sprint, hurdles, high jump, pole vault,
    long jump, triple jump, javelin throw


  • – Advanced Certification in Acupuncture – Nanjing University of TCM (Nanjing, China)
  • – Masterclass shoulder therapy research and rehabilitation in overhead athletes – Prof. dr. Ann Cools, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • – Stenvers Neck-Shoulder-Arm Therapy – Dr. J.D. Stenvers (Groningen, The Netherlands)

  • – European Coach Clinic – KNBSB Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (Rotterdam, The
  • – Medical fitness and taping techniques for knee complaints – Fysio Physics (IJsselstein, The Netherlands)
  • – Knee Therapy – KNGF Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Association (Arnhem, The Netherlands)
  • – Pelvic Therapy – KNGF Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Association (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  • – Easy Taping Method – Basic, Advanced and Therapist – Fysio Physics (IJsselstein, The Netherlands)

  • – Shoulder Instability and Impingement – KNGF Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Association (Utrecht, The

  • – Bachelor Physiotherapy – International Academy for Physiotherapy Thim van der Laan (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)


Senior Physical Therapist

Sports & Neurological Physical Therapy,
Vodder Lymphatic Drainage Specialist


  • – Physical Therapist at the Rehabilitation Clinic of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • – Chief Physical Therapist at the Sports Medicine Department of Huashan Hospital (Shanghai, China)
  • – Chief Physical Therapist at the Neurological Medical Department Of North Huashan Hospital (Shanghai, China)
  • – Physical Therapist for the IAAF Diamond League SHANGHAI, Half Marathon of Shanghai, SSG Baseball League…


  • – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Certified Advanced Therapist – MLDV Belgium with Philippe de Paepe
  • – Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Certified – Heiko Van Vliet
  • – Taiwan Kinesio-Taping Certification
  • – American Thera-Band Trainers Certification
  • – Maitland Certification
  • – Masters in Professional Physical Diagnosis and Treatment – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
  • – Bachelors in Physical Therapy – Nantong University (Nantong, China)


Physical Therapist

Sports Injuries,
Deep Tissue Sports Massage,
Exercise Based Therapy,
Sports Taping & KinesioTape


  • – Physical Therapist at St. Michael Hospital (Shanghai, China)
  • – Physical Therapist at Shanghai East International Hospital (Shanghai, China)
  • – Physical Therapist at RuiDong Hospital (Shanghai, China)
  • – Physical Therapist at SinoUnited Health (Shanghai, China)
  • – Shanghai Rolex Masters ATP1000 lead sports massage therapist, ATP Challenger, Shanghai Marathon and Half Marathon Lead Physical Therapist…


  • – Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Certified – Heiko Van Vliet
  • – Sports Taping Certification
  • – Physical Therapy – Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Shanghai (Shanghai, China)


Clinical Psychologist & Hypnosis Therapist

Emotion Focused Therapy,
Psychodynamic Therapy for Individuals & Couples,
Addiction Cessation Therapy


  • – Psychotherapist, the association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (UK)
  • – Clinical Hypnotherapist – A.C.H.E. (USA)
  • – External Child Psychology Consultant and Trainer – Disney English (Shanghai, China)
  • – Principal Talent Assessor and Director – Shanghai Times talent Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
  • – External Talent Assessment Specialist – Ritz (Shanghai) Human Resource Consultancy Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
  • – Youth and Adult Advocacy Counselor – Education Bureau (Shanghai, China)


  • – Ph. D. in Psychology – York University
  • – Masters Course in Applied Psychology – Peking University (Beijing, China)
  • – ED. B. Degree in Education – ECNU East China Normal University

Zhan Fraise

MSc. Nutrition
PhD Candidate

Nutrition Consultant
American Board Certified & FDN Practitioner

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN),
Weight Management,
Digestive Health,
Women´s Health


  • – Nutrition Consultant, Delta West Clinic (Shanghai, China)
  • – Chief Nutritionist, Favorite Squeeze (Shanghai, China)
  • – Chief Nutritionist, Xinti Post-partum Care Center (Shanghai, China)


  • – Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant
  • – National Association of Nutrition Professionals Member
  • – Master of Science, Holistic Nutrition
  • – Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Our wellness team

Our wellness team of resident and invited teachers and instructors are experience, passionate and an example in their art of movement, healing and introspection in the local and international community. They understand the ways and the systems so you can learn, adapt and acquire the benefits in a natural and more mindful way.


Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Director of the Ashtanga Mysore & Led Programs

Ashtanga Mysore & Led Yoga

About Margaret Chiu

  • Margaret made her first trip to Mysore to practice at KPJAYI with Guruji in 2004 and received her authorization to teach in 2009.

    She continues to practice at KPJAYI with Paramatma Guru Sharathji. In addition to regular trips to Mysore she has taken part in a teacher training conducted by Sharathji in 2009 as well as a Special Course for Authorized Teachers in 2013.

    She is honored to be part of the Ashtanga lineage and strives to keep her teaching simple and pure. She finds herself most in accord with Advaita Vedanta as the philosophical framework for her spiritual journey.


Rolfing Practitioner
Yoga Teacher

Therapeutic Alignment Vinyasa, Release,
Rolfing Structural Integration Therapy

About Pablo Alvarez

  • Pablo has been related to movement, body mechanics, alignment and body-mind connection since a very early age. He is a Certified Rolfer ® by the European Rolfing Association ERA and has trained in yoga with very influential yoga teachers of different styles.

    Pablo has been teaching yoga internationally for more than 15 years, training yoga teachers since 2004 and teaches anatomy for teacher trainings in different countries.


Yoga Teacher

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

About Cissy Yuan

  • Cissy’s journey of yoga started after meeting the Japanese teacher Shihoko Otsubo. In May 2014 she completed the TTC200 with Alvaro Esteban in DARSHANA and continued with the TTC100 Pre & Post Natal Yoga in September 2015 at the clinic.

    Practical teaching experience was gained through multiple private yoga sessions. By paying attention to detail and adding creative touches she designed a set of inspring Vinyasa flow yoga sessions. She travelled widely among Asian and European countries and have been living in Shanghai for 5 years. Sharing her love for yoga to the people around her and at the same time help her students with their challenges in life is her ultimate joy.


Yoga Teacher

Power Vinyasa Flow,
Kids Yoga & Meditation

About Ivy Ouyang

  • Yoga Alliance Certified 200RYT with Duncan Wong, 120TTC Bikram yoga instructor and a well grounded practitioner since 2007.

    Ivy can flawlessly deliver a a solid range of yoga styles: from Flow Arts Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram and also Kids yoga. She is mother of two little ones and a very warm caring teacher and individual who lives her life by the motto: “Doing what I love, is my way to inspire others”


Yoga Teacher

Therapeutic Alignment Vinyasa, Body Opening

About Andrea Zhao

  • Andrea is an avid sponsored athlete turned into yoga by necessity due to her many injuries in competitive rock climbing.

    Her yoga practice started as a mean to improve her posture, shoulder and back injuries to the point where she found and understood movement better through yoga than any of many of the sports she has been excelling at, being able to blend and define a style that is very functional for all kind of athletes.

    Graduated from the Therapeutic Alignment Vinyasa yoga style, she focuses on opening sequences of poses that are very sports specific to help her students balance their bodies to help with their overall performance improvement and injury management.

    She teachers in English and Chinese.


Yoga Teacher

Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga

About Jade Qin

  • Jade Qin is a registered 300hrs Yoga Alliance teacher. She started her yoga journey in 2002 while majoring in preventive medicine in College.

    She carries rich knowledge over precise alignment and balance based on B.KS Iyengar method. Mind and body find cohesion through developing presence as students focus on alignment precision and the breath. Her classes are nurturing, empowering, and energizing.


Yoga Teacher,
Translator & Interpreter

Nada Laya, Hatha Yoga

About Liran

  • Liran is a yoga and meditation instructor based in Shanghai. His spiritual quest started early 2010, down in Tibet, China.

    In 2012, after his first studies on Tibetan buddhism, he returned to mainland China where he came to know and practice yoga through his first guru, Ian Mier, with whom he studied asanas(posture), pranayama (control of breath energy), meditation, and The Gita (Hindu scriptures) for three years.

    He completed his 200hrs YTTC, at Y+ Shanghai, in 2014. And has been teaching in Hangzhou up until 2016, when he relocated to Shanghai city, in part, to continue learning from his actual mentor, Phillip Lemke.
    Liran, also practices Taichi of the Gu style and Taoism from master LaiXianzon, since 2013. This elements can be perceived on the way he leads his classes, aiming to the reinforcement of the Qi or Prana (energy force), through gentle body movement and proper breathing, leading the student into final stillness.

Lisa (USA)

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Contrology, Post Natal Pilates, Rehab Pilates

About Lisa Bean

  • Lisa’s been passionate about fitness, dance, and movement since university. Having been a student for many years, she was encouraged by her pilates teacher to acquire formal training with BASI pilates program. Since then, a natural evolution of pursing pole dancing, barre fitness, yoga, and spin keeps her on the go. When she’s not taking or teaching class, she’s being creative in the kitchen.

    In her classes, you will be encouraged to perform just a teeny bit beyond your limit but within a safety zone. Class is challenging but it has to make sense. Her sessions are high energy, always with variety, and you will torch the fat and tone up. She truly believes that to be an effective teacher, one must be a student. You yourself have to feel it in order to convey it. Anyone attending her class will benefit from the many hours of her experience taking barre classes in New York and California.


Conditioning Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher

Private Personal Training, Mat Pilates, Private Yoga

About Machun

  • Ma Chun has been engaged with the Pilates methods since 2004. Certified AASFP trainer since 2006. Ma Chun has accumulated a very deep understanding of the body-mechanics applied on the mat over the years, making her a very precise and well rounded and detailed in instruction teacher. She is also dotted with immense love and patience for her students, which in turns into allows them to feel comfortable and encouraged to achieve their desired short term and long term fitness goals: great shape, flexibility, strength and muscle control skill.

    She is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor since 2004 and the clinic’s Anatomy of Arts 300hrs Certified Yoga Teacher. 


Strength & Conditioning Trainer

300 Spartan HIIT, Olympians HIT,
Private Personal Training, Athletic Conditioning

About Imran Peerbocus

  • Imran Peerbocus is an (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, Gift Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Bootcamp Level 1&2 and Kettlebell Level 1&2 Instructor.

    He believes in a mind and body connected motivation. His personal goal and driving force is to encourage positive transformation of body and habits of his customers in order to become healthier and autonomous fitness enthusiast after a certain period of time.

    He leads and lives by the example and the motto “Don’t limit your challenge but challenge your limit”.


Strength & Conditioning Trainer

300 Spartan HIIT,
Private Personal Training

About Raman Saleh

  • Raman Saleh was born and raised in Austria with roots in kurdish Irak.

    He is a certified AFAS Personal trainer (Austrian Fitness and Aerobic school). And studied Sports Sciences at the University of Vienna 2004. He lives and trains others by the motto: Make Yourself Proud!
    Raman is also trained in military close combat and is a former pro basketball player.

    He is currently competing as a elite Spartan Race athlete in China.