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the clinic STORIES

Freedom from the walls

The North Face Explorer, social philanthropist and activist, Alex Honnold, is known for his free solo style of climbing which has brought him and the sport into the spotlight in the recent years. But his sports career and life are more than just athletic feats or historical records. Alex is an inspiration and a role model and a public speaker who brings up the importance of reflecting towards many social and environmental problems that we are facing in this modern world.

Through the Honnold Foundation, he donates a third of his income into bringing sustainable solar energy to communities that need it the most while spending big part of his time living in his van, climbing and being a voice for environmental issues across the globe. Powered by a plant based diet and a humbling attitude, Alex the athlete, knows how preparation and mental focus are the key factors to diminish the risks he is accepting to take in a calculated manner. After a back injury in 2016, Alex came to China on a climbing trip with Felipe Camargo and Jimmy Chin which he managed to salvage. the clinic was there to support him and speed up the quality of his recovery and we feel extremely proud to be able to witness how the work of a lifetime has been portrayed in the movie FREE SOLO.

”It is what it is, and it is pretty good” - Alex Honnold

The Unreasonable Woman

A champion of both kickboxing and women’s rights, the clinic Ambassador Michele Aboro has inspired many with her arduous journey to becoming an undefeated world champion. She may have retired with 21 wins and 12 knockout victories, but this sport was not always a welcoming place for the athlete. Starting out in the profession at a time when women were not legally allowed to train or hold licenses in boxing, Michele faced many roadblocks and defeated many stereotypes on her way to the top. 

Retiring in 2001 with six world titles in kickboxing, boxing, and K1 under her belt, Michele and her wife Masca Aboro Yuen decided to establish their legacy in Shanghai: Aboro Academy. After being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Michele became even more impassioned by her goal of promoting boxing, gender equality in sports, and a healthy lifestyle for children here in China.

Aboro Academy is the perfect culmination of these goals as it allows her to teach and inspire others to get involved with the sport while also giving back to the community around her. One way she has done this is with the creation of the Aboro Foundation which provides free boxing classes to kids and people who have talent and want to get somewhere physically in the sport. 

The weight of water ft. Wang Ao Lin

At 110 meters of the National Chinese Record of Freediving, the clinic Ambassador Wang Ao Lin’s thoughts are those of pure mindfulness where his body is finely tuned for what he has been training for. The ascend leaves the weight of the water behind, bringing the weight of life onto his thoughts. Breaking the record again brings more responsibilities, becoming the legacy that will shine the future of Freediving in China.

Ao Lin’s legacy is that of the persistence, the one of becoming one with our thoughts and dreams when life’s weight can be heavier than the tones of water crushing on our bodies.

"Suffer to grow" - Wang Ao Lin

Surfing the light ft. Monica

the clinic Ambassador Monica Guo aims to represent China at the 2020 Olympics becoming the first woman to chase the dreamed surfer lifestyle in mainland China.

But Monica was not always set for this successful path and after a big turn of page at 22, she realized that the spark that surf once made her dream, enlightened a whole new generation of young Chinese girls looking to break the tradition and the stereotypes that society has put on them.

Monica's journey to the top professional level has encountered some physical difficulties that at the clinic, our team is looking into helping her manage so as to keep her dreams up and shining.

"Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to change" - Monica Guo

Touching the void ft. Marcos Costa

In May of 2016, the clinic Ambassador Marcos Costa had the opportunity to climb the beautiful and world known Ama Dablam in Nepal along with Kailas teammate Ales Cesen. Ama Dablam is a 6,812 meters peak and it is located in the Himalaya range in eastern Nepal. They climbed the traditional Southwest Ridge route along with photographer Jonathan Griffith and climber Andy Houseman.

Marcos journey to the top has been praised many times as some of the boldest ascents of many of the unclimbed peaks in China gaining him the Golden Rhino Award (currently at the clinic) and a nomination to the prestigious Piolet D'Or.

His passion for the freedom in the outdoors and the road less taken lifestyle, has shown us how through determination, we can achieve more than ascents while leaving an imprint for others to follow.

"Climbing is life, get out there" - Marcos Costa

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